Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jamberry Going Going Gone

Wow, I really just can't believe it is almost February! It really doesn't seem possible! This is a super sad/happy/depressing/exciting time of year for Jamberry consultants. That is right it is catalog retirement time!! We are sad because inevitably a favorite wrap will retire, but we are filled with excitement because we know that all those favorites will be replaced in March!!!! I wanted to share with you today the wraps that are retiring.
 My personal wishlist is LONG!!!!!! Here are some of the highlights!!!

ABC 123
Black and White Houndstooth
Boysenberry Cheveron
Cup of Tea
First Crush
Icy Berry Polka
Icy Peony Polka
Mint Green and Gold Stripe
Once Upon a Time
Poppy and White Polka
Prissy Plaid
Sly as a Fox
Sunny Lotus
Teal and White Polka
Wild Cherry
Mulberry Lacquer

Yup that is just the highlights!!!! It is a good thing I get a discount!!!!
Want to see a little more of the retiring wraps?!?!? Then check out this video!! Want to see more? Email me at and request a picture of ANY retiring wrap!!!!

Have your wishlist ready? Order at!!!!
Is your wishlist to big? Host a party, sign up at http://markeeta,
Comment below with your favorite wrap that is retiring!!!

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