Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY De-tangle Spray

So all the snow has meant a few things for my family! First it means I cannot get my minivan out!! Second it means LOTS of time playing outside all bundled up in our winter wear!! Last it means E wears a hat, sweats and gets MASSIVE tangles!! I am so not used to tangles, my hair is so thick that they just fall right out (so does curl), but E gets them just from sleeping!! This hat she wore did a number on her little head! It was a DISASTER!!!!!

She hasn't had a tangle this big since her surgery where we couldn't wash her hair for almost a week!!! To top it all off we were totally out of her de-tangle spray and like I said before we couldn't leave to get any!!!! So what did we do?!?!?
Mommy took to Pinterest of course! Well I couldn't find a single recipe that we had the ingredients for!!!! So I got a little creative! I found some people used vinegar, some used conditioner, some used essential oils! This is what I used!!! 
I took an empty spray bottle of heat protector that I use, really rinsed it out good!! Then in the spray bottle I mixed:
  • 1 oz vinegar
  • 4 oz water
  • 1 pump kids shampoo
  • 4-6 drops orange essential oil (enough to cover the vinegar smell)
I shook this up really well in the spray bottle and we started brushing, using her incredible Wet brush.

This is after just 2 minutes of brushing!!!! I never imagined it would work as well as it did!! AND the best part was NOT ONE PEEP from her!!! She screams anytime I brush her hair (she is super tender headed, also not something I was used to!!!) In all it took me about 5 minutes to brush her whole head of hair and get this: 
 Then of course she always likes to have it braided until it dries so in all about 7 minutes from start of brushing to finished hair!!!!
Share with me some of your tricks for getting tangles out of hair? Any other DIY stories you have because of weather forcing you to be creative?!?!? If you try out my mix let me know how it works for you!! 

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