Monday, February 15, 2016

Office in a Closet

When we first moved into our 4 bedroom house we only had one child and he was just a few months old. So we had a master, a nursery, a guest bedroom, and an office. Although to be honest I am not sure why we had an office. At that point I did very little creating for teaching, didn't blog, and did not have a direct sales company, but we did! Then a long came our second child and we lost the guest bedroom to a new nursery! Toys were over taking our living room, C's room, and now there was this other child with all of their stuff!!! Where was it all going to go??!!
It was time for me to give up my office! It was FULL, mostly of junk, so we cleaned it out. The laptop went to the couch (I know that is a GREAT place for it!), the printer went to a shelf in the kitchen, and the filing cabinet went to the master closet. Everything else? It went to the DUMP!!!
Then about after a year of the "toy" room C was diagnosed with autism and that room became a sensory room! (I will do a post on that later)

But let's fast forward to June of 2014. I had been blogging off and on for a while, mostly about teaching, some about family and autism. I had started my direct sales business with Jamberry, I was still teaching and creating some things for TPT, as well as my ETSY shop for planner stickers. I had things everywhere.

I had a drawer in our bedroom, bags of stuff everywhere, and the laptop? Still on the couch, oh and very broken (which it still is) because C likes to jump on the couch and if something is in his way it either 1) goes in the floor, hard or 2) he jumps on it, hard!! I NEEDED AN OFFICE!!!!!! Of boy did I before I spent more money replacing the destroyed business supplies then I was making!!!!

First stop PINTEREST, of course!!! I didn't have a room anymore so I was looking for any ideas for placing a desk in the living room or bedroom without it be intrusive or open for C to destroy or jump on!! While on Pinterest I found these ideas.....

I sent these pictures to my dad (who is my handyman, he did C's bed and shelf featured in this post!
He said clean out a closet and I can do it!! So I did!! We had a coat closet in our dinning room, that yes held coats (that no one had worn in YEARS!!! plus a bunch of junk that didn't find a home when we moved in 5 years ago, and other things that I just shoved in there to get it out of the way!!

I went to work and cleaned out that closet. It is a TINY closet but took me 3 HOURS to clean out!!!! A lot of coats went to Goodwill, a lot of stuff went to the dump, and some stuff I had forgotten about go a new home!!!! And then the closet was EMPTY and ready to go!!!

So my dad came in and built some shelves, brought electricity in and it was complete and ready for me!!! So I added some baskets I had found for a $1, put in a light, my computer, and printer. Then I found the most adorable buckets and a white board calendar at Bulls-eye's Playground at Target (also known as the One Spot) and used them with some shower curtain rings to make pen holders!!! Check out the final product!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Planning Week 7

It has been a busy week planner wise!! Last week was a crazy busy week that just got compounded by snow! So everything was pushed into a couple of days!! Here is the spread at the end of the week!

So as if things weren't crazy enough, I have become a Chapter Manager for the organization that Happy came from!! I am super excited about this, because it will involve helping other families find the same peace we have found. I will also be working to educate the community on service dogs and autism!! My passion in life is autism awareness, so this is just going to be another avenue to share that. If you have any questions about service dogs, particularly for autism, then please reach out!!!! I would love to help!!!
So my spread for this week is just like my past two week in February.  I am a creature of habit, I can't help it, it is just who I am!!! I did add a little more decoration to it this week! I participated in the Planner Squad's swap for February and my stash came!!! Thanks Ashley!!! 

I added a little bit of what she sent to my planner (she also sent a Hershey's bar, but I ate that before I took the picture!) Anyway, I added a little of the polka dot washi (which were the perfect colors to match my February stickers!!)

Then I also used one of the project life cards she sent to write out my color code. I plan to laminate that and put a coil clip on it to make it my bookmark. 

Now we are ready for another busy week and more SNOW!!! Here is the final spread.....
And check out the video on my YouTube channel...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 5 Planning

Week 5 takes us into February, which I am so excited about! I am LOVING the color scheme for this months spread! The wrap in the Jamberry consultant planner is Sunny Lotus! It is very YELLOW, and not my favorite wrap (at least it wasn't) so I took to Instagram to see how I could liven February up with more color than yellow! I found these two jamicures (these are not mine, they were found online)

Athens and Boysenberry are two of my FAVORITE wraps and when I thought about them with Sunny Lotus it became one of my favorites too!!!!! So that is the color scheme I went with for this month! Check it out below!

And the final spread:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Creating a Bedtime Routine with Autism

One of the things we have struggled most with C is SLEEP!!!! He just doesn't seem to need any!! It has been like this since he was little. He would go for days on very little sleep and then crash for a LONG time, then go days again! That is hard on someone whose body doesn't function that way, it was really hard when we had an infant in the house too, and toward then end of his awake days you can see it take a toll on him too! If he some how managed  a nap during the day (at school he does take a short nap most days) then that means we are up that much later. His typical bedtime or time that he crashes falls somewhere between midnight and 2 AM. His typical wake up time is between 5 and 6. I have gone through so many different things to improve his sleep it is crazy! Well I think we finally have it (at least better) and we are in bed before midnight on most nights!

So are bedtime routine starts about thirty minutes after dinner (or just enough time to give E her bath, brush her hair and teeth, and put her in pajamas) I start C's routine by putting 2 to 3 drops of Roman Chamomile oil on a paper towel.

I take that paper towel and place it between his pajama tops and bottoms under his pillow while he takes his bath. We have tried other oils but they have different effects on him, no good ones in most cases :( 
I prep his room for him to relax. We have a laser light that shines around the room, and a humidifier which serves two purposes. The most important is C was getting very bad nose bleeds in the middle of the night, and the other is it creates a noise for him to sleep! 

 Once his room is prepped, lights off, laser on, humidifier running we take a bath! This is not an easy process. Some nights he LOVES bath, most nights he HATES bath!!!!

Once bath is finally over we head into his bedroom and get dressed in those pajamas that now smells like his oil, with his head on the pillow that also has that scent! Then we lay and stare up at his artificial stars. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we sing, sometimes we just cuddle, but we always lay there for a few minutes and look. Sometimes this works like a charm and he is asleep before I get up. BUT there are many times he gets up after a few minutes and goes to play! The thing is that on nights we do this he is always in bed before 10:30, on nights I miss any part of this he isn't in bed until midnight, and oh my goodness, if we skip everything (cause I am out at a Jamberry party or event for school, no one else does this routine with him) we are up until 2 AM!!!! So 10:30 I will take!!!

There is our routine that has been 5 1/2 years in the making! So now share with me your nightly routine? What have you tried? What works? What doesn't?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jamberry Going Going Gone

Wow, I really just can't believe it is almost February! It really doesn't seem possible! This is a super sad/happy/depressing/exciting time of year for Jamberry consultants. That is right it is catalog retirement time!! We are sad because inevitably a favorite wrap will retire, but we are filled with excitement because we know that all those favorites will be replaced in March!!!! I wanted to share with you today the wraps that are retiring.
 My personal wishlist is LONG!!!!!! Here are some of the highlights!!!

ABC 123
Black and White Houndstooth
Boysenberry Cheveron
Cup of Tea
First Crush
Icy Berry Polka
Icy Peony Polka
Mint Green and Gold Stripe
Once Upon a Time
Poppy and White Polka
Prissy Plaid
Sly as a Fox
Sunny Lotus
Teal and White Polka
Wild Cherry
Mulberry Lacquer

Yup that is just the highlights!!!! It is a good thing I get a discount!!!!
Want to see a little more of the retiring wraps?!?!? Then check out this video!! Want to see more? Email me at and request a picture of ANY retiring wrap!!!!

Have your wishlist ready? Order at!!!!
Is your wishlist to big? Host a party, sign up at http://markeeta,
Comment below with your favorite wrap that is retiring!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY De-tangle Spray

So all the snow has meant a few things for my family! First it means I cannot get my minivan out!! Second it means LOTS of time playing outside all bundled up in our winter wear!! Last it means E wears a hat, sweats and gets MASSIVE tangles!! I am so not used to tangles, my hair is so thick that they just fall right out (so does curl), but E gets them just from sleeping!! This hat she wore did a number on her little head! It was a DISASTER!!!!!

She hasn't had a tangle this big since her surgery where we couldn't wash her hair for almost a week!!! To top it all off we were totally out of her de-tangle spray and like I said before we couldn't leave to get any!!!! So what did we do?!?!?
Mommy took to Pinterest of course! Well I couldn't find a single recipe that we had the ingredients for!!!! So I got a little creative! I found some people used vinegar, some used conditioner, some used essential oils! This is what I used!!! 
I took an empty spray bottle of heat protector that I use, really rinsed it out good!! Then in the spray bottle I mixed:
  • 1 oz vinegar
  • 4 oz water
  • 1 pump kids shampoo
  • 4-6 drops orange essential oil (enough to cover the vinegar smell)
I shook this up really well in the spray bottle and we started brushing, using her incredible Wet brush.

This is after just 2 minutes of brushing!!!! I never imagined it would work as well as it did!! AND the best part was NOT ONE PEEP from her!!! She screams anytime I brush her hair (she is super tender headed, also not something I was used to!!!) In all it took me about 5 minutes to brush her whole head of hair and get this: 
 Then of course she always likes to have it braided until it dries so in all about 7 minutes from start of brushing to finished hair!!!!
Share with me some of your tricks for getting tangles out of hair? Any other DIY stories you have because of weather forcing you to be creative?!?!? If you try out my mix let me know how it works for you!! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 4 Planning

Check out this video I posted for my week 4 planning! I am pretty sure the beginning of the week will not stick with what is scheduled because of the snow! Like our church already cancelled service and C's music makers is cancelled as well! I am excited with the blog posts I have scheduled for this week!! Yay!! Share your planners and weeks with me in the comments!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day!!

We have been out of school for the last three days for snow!! We got more than we usually do that is for sure. The kids and Happy have been LOVING it! I thought I would share a little video of them out playing and enjoying themselves!

Mommy has enjoyed the extra time with them and a little bit of time to work on my blog, ETSY, and Jamberry (including giving myself a manicure!!!)

I also took some time to put together some opportunity packets! Very excited that I made ten and these are the only 4 left without a home to go to!!! Anyone want one send me an email with your address and I will get it out to you! Who knows maybe I could change your life and your nails!!! 


I have been blogging off and on for a little over a year. I have another blog called A Mom, A Teacher, and a Blog BUT I struggle to post much about teaching, which is what that blog was meant for. I prefer more about Jamberry, direct sales, family, planning, with a little teaching mixed in. SOOOO, I decided to start this blog to go with my new ETSY store, Plan It Stick It, Hope I have for this blog include a weekly Plan With Me, information on Jamberry specials, deals, new releases, life with two small children (one on the ASD spectrum) and a service dog, some teaching. More life in general kind of stuff.

I thought I would start with an introduction to me and my family!

I have been married for 7 years to J, he is a grocery store manager. In 2010 we had our first child C, at three he was diagnosed with autism and at 4 he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. In 2011 we had E our little princess. Last April Happy the service dog came into our lives. We also have a little morkie named Cooper! I have been teaching for almost 10 years and joined Jamberry in 2014. We live in the same small town that we both grew up in. J left for about 10 years and I was gone for 3 but back home we came when C came into the world! And what a blessing from God it was to move home. We never knew the support and specialized education he would need. I am a control freak, an organization freak (please don't confuse that with neat freak) and LOVE to plan! I have been using a planner forever. Last year I really got into color coding and adding stickers. I only add stickers that are functional though. I do LOVE to watch videos of other people decorating their planners! I look forward to sharing with you! Check out my video on my Jamberry consultant planner and share in the comments what kind of planner you use!!