Monday, February 15, 2016

Office in a Closet

When we first moved into our 4 bedroom house we only had one child and he was just a few months old. So we had a master, a nursery, a guest bedroom, and an office. Although to be honest I am not sure why we had an office. At that point I did very little creating for teaching, didn't blog, and did not have a direct sales company, but we did! Then a long came our second child and we lost the guest bedroom to a new nursery! Toys were over taking our living room, C's room, and now there was this other child with all of their stuff!!! Where was it all going to go??!!
It was time for me to give up my office! It was FULL, mostly of junk, so we cleaned it out. The laptop went to the couch (I know that is a GREAT place for it!), the printer went to a shelf in the kitchen, and the filing cabinet went to the master closet. Everything else? It went to the DUMP!!!
Then about after a year of the "toy" room C was diagnosed with autism and that room became a sensory room! (I will do a post on that later)

But let's fast forward to June of 2014. I had been blogging off and on for a while, mostly about teaching, some about family and autism. I had started my direct sales business with Jamberry, I was still teaching and creating some things for TPT, as well as my ETSY shop for planner stickers. I had things everywhere.

I had a drawer in our bedroom, bags of stuff everywhere, and the laptop? Still on the couch, oh and very broken (which it still is) because C likes to jump on the couch and if something is in his way it either 1) goes in the floor, hard or 2) he jumps on it, hard!! I NEEDED AN OFFICE!!!!!! Of boy did I before I spent more money replacing the destroyed business supplies then I was making!!!!

First stop PINTEREST, of course!!! I didn't have a room anymore so I was looking for any ideas for placing a desk in the living room or bedroom without it be intrusive or open for C to destroy or jump on!! While on Pinterest I found these ideas.....

I sent these pictures to my dad (who is my handyman, he did C's bed and shelf featured in this post!
He said clean out a closet and I can do it!! So I did!! We had a coat closet in our dinning room, that yes held coats (that no one had worn in YEARS!!! plus a bunch of junk that didn't find a home when we moved in 5 years ago, and other things that I just shoved in there to get it out of the way!!

I went to work and cleaned out that closet. It is a TINY closet but took me 3 HOURS to clean out!!!! A lot of coats went to Goodwill, a lot of stuff went to the dump, and some stuff I had forgotten about go a new home!!!! And then the closet was EMPTY and ready to go!!!

So my dad came in and built some shelves, brought electricity in and it was complete and ready for me!!! So I added some baskets I had found for a $1, put in a light, my computer, and printer. Then I found the most adorable buckets and a white board calendar at Bulls-eye's Playground at Target (also known as the One Spot) and used them with some shower curtain rings to make pen holders!!! Check out the final product!

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